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Is having a custom 404 providing some additional seo benefits in some way?  Is there something I should be focused on in relation to SEO?
asked Dec 22, 2016 in SEO Tips by sue

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Having a custom 404 page can help you offer your visitors an alternative navigation method when they land on a page that no longer exists.

Google has posted recommendations online here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93641?hl=en

This article covers guidelines for creating the content of your custom 404 page. For information on configuring your server to display your new 404 page, check your server or web hosting documentation. You should still make sure that your webserver returns a 404 status code to users and spiders, so that search engines don't accidentally index your custom 404 page.

answered Dec 22, 2016 by SearchGurus (580 points)
selected Dec 22, 2016 by admin
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